SAFADA Y SANO PRODUCTIONS, based out of Los Angeles and formed by Jade Puga and Richard Montes, are committed to stories that keep the integrity of diverse characters alive, bringing entertaining cultural experiences to audiences.

Our latest film is the feature comedy 'AGURUPHOBIA' which had a limited theatrical release and available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Kanopy, Google Play, Blu-Ray and DVD. Also known as SYS Films, Safada Y Sano's movies have screened in over 50 film festivals and university screenings around the globe, winning several awards. SYS’s feature length documentary 'Pass the Mic!' screened as part of American Film Institute's Fourth Annual Music Documentary Series and is available on Amazon and Kanopy.

Safada or Safado is street slang for crazy, loca, loco, or insane a word used by Chicanos and is rarely found in traditional Spanish dictionaries. Sano is Spanish for healthy, wholesome and intact. Safada Y Sano forms a delicate balance like Ying and Yang.


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