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Richard Montes' comedy Aguruphobia follows agoraphobic Crystal Luna (Jade Puga) a mystic and follower of the charismatic internet guru Nanak (Pepe Serna) when she discovers the biggest thing since peyote: a wave vibrator, the answer to enlightenment. However, her life is turned upside as she navigates the wacky journey to self-discovery. After a chance meeting with Nanak, Crystal is left fearing for her life and intent on keeping her most prized possession- the vibrator from falling into the guru's hands. With the help of her friends, she must outwit the guru in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, all while saving her home from foreclosure, trying to reach enlightenment, maintaining her sanity and protecting her vibrator at all costs.

Dark Comedy Feature Film written and produced by Jade Puga & Richard Montes, directed by Richard Montes. After Aguruphobia's 5 city theatrical release, the 'Best Comedy' Multi-Award Winning movie is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and Verizon Fios on Demand TV. Buy or Rent Today!

"Hysterical." -screenwriter Carlo Allen, Home Sweet Hell.

"A Great Comedy"-director Jesús Salvador Treviño, ER, Star Trek, Visions of Aztlan, Bones, Resurection Blvd

"A zany comedy for sure. I enjoyed that you guys didn't play anything safe. You took creative risks. You made very bold choices. I wish I could do that more often in my own work." -director Joe Menendez, Ladrones

Finally, the suppressed voices from the Latin Hip-Hop culture are heard from in this compelling Safada Y Sano Production. Voyage into hip-hop's best-kept secret, and observe the underground roots where it all began. Witness it pump into the pen, bleed onto the page, race through the microphone, and blast onto the stage to influence the world of music. Capturing two generations of Latino Hip-Hoppers converse about their struggles, successes, and the art, a controversial window has been flung open with a no holds barred approach that will shock the Music Industry. Respected by their peers, ignored by the media, meet the key figures that have revolutionized the hip-hop culture. Follow the gripping stories of true pioneers through riveting interviews, exclusive backstage footage, and dope music. Step inside their recording studios, put on a pair of headsets, and be prepared to Pass The Mic!

Feature Documentary from Safada Y Sano's Richard Montes (Director, Producer) and Jade Puga (Producer) the acclaimed Hip Hop documentary film about the music industry; Pass The Mic! was rated #1 in Vibe Magazine, distributed on home video by Image Entertainment, screened for the American Film Institute's music documentary series as well as film festivals around the world, used in many College Curriculum to learn about the history of Latino Hip Hop, and currently placed in Stanford University's Global Hip Hop Archives. Rent or buy "Pass The Mic!" on Vimeo Now!

"A Very Good Movie" and Pass The Mic! is "The Real Deal".--Damien McCaffery, Associate Editor, VIBE Magazine

“Pass The Mic! should be watched by anyone who wants to purse music.”--Doug Burnell, Film Threat Magazine

Rogue journalist Layla Alverez (Jade Puga) exposes corruption in the sometimes glamorous but always gritty city of Los Angeles to the dismay of the LAW officials who have put the city under martial law to protect corporate investments. The LAW has made Layla "Ward Enemy Number One" and vow to stop her at all costs. For Mature Audiences Only!

Drama Webseries created by Jade Puga and Richard Montes. Starring Jade Puga (Aguruphobia) with Anthony 'Citric' Campos (Lopez, Silicon Valley) and Kina Cosper (Singer: Blackstone, Kina).

" a facinating look into the unglamorous underbelly of the City of Angels...” ---Bel Hernandez, Latin Heat Magazine

“A scarily creepy glimpse of an unsettling future urban landscape, Lost Angeles Ward took me right out my comfort zone. I couldn’t look away!” --- Abelardo de la Peña Jr., Editor of


A news report about a wild girl captured by a religious cult, needing LIBERATION, inspires an Artist with deadly consequences. Just one actor and one director in one shoot day! No other crew! Watch what Safada Y Sano created, previously shown in Film Festivals now available online! For Mature Audiences Only!

Horror Film starring Jade Puga in dual roles, written by Jade Puga and Richard Montes, directed by Richard Montes.

"(Liberation) is pure rock and roll. F@#*!ng loved it." - Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine

"An attractive woman dancing to rock and roll music while painting in a bikini. Check. Don’t let the simple concept fool you, though, Liberation is deeper than it sounds. I can think of all sorts of thematic elements in this trippy short film from Richard Montes. Starring Jade Puga, Liberation clocks in at seven and a half minutes long and sees an artist finding inspiration from a news report of a young girl having been kidnapped by a violent cult. This, of course, is met with deadly consequences. Liberation is definitely something out of the norm, so I highly encourage you to watch the short film below!" - Horror Society


It's just another late night at the office for Ashley. Rain is falling, winds are blowing, and work continues to pile up until a stranger knocks on the door. Now Ashley must reconnect with her indigenous past in order to save the future in this surreal story. Directed by Richard Montes, Toci: A Mexica Tale has captivated film festival audiences with is dazzling images and metaphors.

Magic Realism Multiple Film Festival "BEST SHORT" Award Winner is now available in it's entirety online! Written by Jade Puga & Richard Montes.


SAFADA Y SANO PRODUCTIONS, LLC based out of Los Angeles and formed by Jade Puga and Richard Montes are committed to stories that keep the integrity of culturally diverse characters alive, bringing entertaining bi-cultural experiences to audiences.

Our latest film is the feature comedy 'AGURUPHOBIA' which had a limited theatrical release and available on iTunes, Verizon Fios On Demand, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play. Also known as SYS Films, Safada Y Sano's movies have screened in over 50 film festivals and university screenings around the globe, winning several awards. SYS’s feature length documentary "Pass the Mic!" screened at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood as part of American Film Institute's Fourth Annual Music Documentary Series and is distributed in North America by Image Entertainment.

Safada or Safado is street slang for crazy, loca, loco, or insane a word used by Chicanos and is rarely found in traditional Spanish dictionaries. Sano is Spanish for healthy, wholesome and intact. Safada Y Sano forms a delicate balance like Ying and Yang.


- Company Founder JADE PUGA

- Company Founder RICHARD MONTES


- JADE PUGA, Creative Producer, Writer, Actress, Director - Jade is an award winning classically trained, method Actress, Writer, and Producer. Jade attended University Of Southern California School of Theater, with a minor in Cinema. Jade produced, co-wrote and starred in the 'Best Comedy' and 'Best Actress: Jade Puga' film festival award winning movie Aguruphobia, out on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Verizon Fios TV On Demand. Aguruphobia had a limited theatrical run. Her latest comedy pilot written with Richard Montes, advanced to the final round of Sundance Institute|YouTube's New Voices Lab 2016.

She co-founded SAFADA Y SANO PRODUCTIONS with Richard Montes. Pass The Mic! a 60 min documentary, was their first feature length project, distributed by Image Entertainment. Pass the Mic! screened at the AFI Music Documentary Series.

Stepping into the directing chair, Ms. Puga wrote and directed the short “The Passion of Existence” which was nominated for best mini-short at the H2O Hip Hop Festival in New York, and screened at the prestigious Black Soil Film Festival in the Netherlands as well as the Vancouver International Hip-Hop Film Festival. ‘Un Beso’ marked her narrative directorial debut which had its world premiere at the Cannes Short Film Corner. She studies with Oscar Nominated Actress Sally Kirkland and Sal Romeo, an Actor Studio Directors unit

- RICHARD MONTES, Creative Producer, Director, Writer - Richard brings a unique, personal and highly spiritual vision into his work. Born and raised just 8 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, Richard learned the power of storytelling from his Mexican born father, who would entertain the children daily with tales and stories, even after working long graveyard shifts. By the time Richard turned 13 years old, he had already witnessed firsthand and felt the residue effects of Police Brutality, Racism, Murders, Drug Addiction, and Gang Violence, that captured many of his peers. During his high school years, many of Richard′s friends were murdered, yet Richard was able to dodge the pitfalls and traps to remember, document and create change in his life. After witnessing the shooting death of his cousin and with each friend day by day landing in prison, Richard felt a need to document his upbringing, so he kept a written record of his childhood, with an attempt to eventually tell the stories of the lost and forgotten. Despite living in a low income neighborhood where his mother often worked two jobs just to pay the rent, and he himself began working at the age of 12, Richard would become the first member of his entire family to enter an university going to Cal State University Long Beach, where he earned a BA, and then to Chapman University where he earned his MFA in Film Production, with an emphasis in Directing.